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Zodiac signs originated in the collective conscious over 2 000 years ago.

The ancient Babylonians recognised there were around 12 new moons over the course of a year.

And so they divided the path of the Sun into 12 constellations.

Shamans’ talk of how the plants speak to them, teaching them how to make Ayahuasca to help open people’s awareness.

It could be said that the collective consciousness spoke to ancient astronomers having them map symbols onto the stars that captured that zodiac signs essence. For example, Cancer represents the crab being the protective nurturer while its opposite sign, Capricorn, represents the goat with its desire to climb and strive.

Your zodiac or Sun sign is just one of many signs that make up a birth chart.

Our birth chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born.

It is an important piece of the puzzle, signifying your evolutionary growth in this lifetime.

After expanding upon Carl Jung’s exploration of personality typing, Isabel Briggs Myers pronounced:

“Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of your personality type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgments sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire.”

The same can be said for understanding your soul blueprint.

Astrology in Science

Dethroning Hyper Rationalism

The sun and the moon appear to be around the same size when we look at them in the sky. This is because the sun is around 400 times further away than the moon and around 400 times larger.

We also experience eclipses when a particular new moon and the sun come together.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell once said, ‘If you want to change the world, change the metaphor.’

It could be argued that living on the only planet we know where the sun and moon appear the same size and where we experience eclipses, symbolises that we are all taking part in an evolutionary journey that is equal parts solar and lunar, masculine and feminine.

Looking back through history, too much lunar focus led to the dominance of religion and all of the damage that came with that.

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